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Chess Thousand and One Nights of Rosewood

Artistic Chess of the Thousand and One Nights, very decorative with arabesque motifs.
Hand-carved by Arab craftsmen from Granada, each piece is a very decorative work of art.
Highlights the Kings and all the major figures with amazing details worthy of exposure.
The woods used are the most expensive in the world, boxwood for white and Palo rosa for black.
A very decorative set that will not go unnoticed by its beauty stylized tale.
Measures: 9cm king.
Exhibition Board.

Japanese Chess


Japanese Chess of Samurai of antiquity. Set of 32 pieces hand-carved in natural and ebonized boxwood.

7.5 cm King
4 cm Pawn
All pieces have luxury pool cloth non-slip felt at the base.
Pieces of good balance and natural weight very achieved and worked with care one by one.
Exhibition board included.

Spanish chess Linares of olive wood


Chess set that reproduces the pieces used in the famous Linares tournament held in 2002. They are display pieces made of olive wood with beautiful betas as can be seen in the photographs.
A set of 32 tournament-sized chess pieces with a 3.5-inch king.
The chess pieces are hand-carved by Spanish master craftsmen and elaborated from the highest grade forests, in this case the olive tree from Andalusia. The chess pieces of good natural balance leaded and have luxury pool cloth base pads.
The chess game has been designed to withstand years of use.
The design, quality and craftsmanship of this set is exceptional.
Includes parts and original box.