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Chess Jaques Staunton Original


Chess Jaques London & Son original of the late nineteenth century with the stamp and original walnut wood box. 32 original pieces with the seal on the black king and the crowns on the hair and the towers. All parts considered in good condition only a small fault in the beacon of the black tower. It is one of the only models preserved in the world of the original Staunton pattern with a constantly rising market value.
Measurements: King 78mm, set with natural leaded. Ebony wood and natural boxwood.

English Chess 1920 weighted with Board and Box.



English chess of 1920 with its board of two woods and its olive box with keyless lock. The 32 pieces are Staunton style with horses carved in two pieces. The woods used are fruit trees by drying some of the pieces like the ladies. The conservation is impeccable as soon as it has color faults. All the pieces are plumb and have a lead in the center of the base. Almost all of them retain the green cloth felt in the bases. The lot includes the board of two impeccable old woods and very beautiful wood obscured by the passage of time and a box of centenary olive wood for its betas and antique color. The dimensions are: 76mm the king, 35mm the base. Board 36x36cm.
A vintage set very colorful and functional preserved in very good condition. Buy a piece of the History of Chess. Buy Vintage Chess. Look at my store and you will find more products with History.

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Glass Eyes Chess


Rare Chess of the early nineteenth century with very original horses with glass eyes, something very rare at the time, modernist aesthetics, the pieces are very stylized and perfectly carved. Set of 32 pieces complete and preserved in good condition with some lack of varnish. It is a very rare model to get, almost unique in the market in this state. Collectors pieces and a secure value in progression in the market. An unrepeatable set that will not go unnoticed at any table. Includes the wooden box of the time.
Measures: 76mm King
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KP Uhlig German Bone with board


History Chess Made by the German Uhlig house in Bovine bone at the end of the 19th century. Characteristic German game of Staunton style with particularly beautiful horses and a special coronation of the Kings. The 32 pieces made by hand by German craftsmen of the late nineteenth century are kept in very good condition, very difficult to find in the market a chess with these characteristics also includes its original board box with three different game boards, one of them genuinely German, the whole board is made of wood and the interior is lined with green felt of the time.
Measurements: King 63mm, base: 25mm. Board: 26x26x5,5cm
A chess with its own history of museums and collectors with taste. Buy a part of the history of this science-game, buy a VintageChess.

Modernist Paris Chess with Vintage Board.


Artistic Chess from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century Regence style, a chess made in France with fruit woods, pear surely for drying, decorated horses with glass eyes, with some fault in one of the eyes due to its antiquity. Few chessmen preserved in these conditions so old and beautiful. Highlighted on all the pieces are the horses with their very stylized mane typical of the modernist style of fashion at the time. He will have in his hands the history of chess for being one of the models that houses the Chess museums of the world. Also as seen in the photographs includes its original box of the French house Lardy red and a wooden board of the period with frame. A set with history that will not go unnoticed in any evening of chess, buy history of chess, buy a Vintage Chess.
Measurements: 95mm king, board 40x40cm
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Modernist Regence Chess


Complete and Ancient Regence Chess with glass eyes from the times of modernism. 32 pieces of a famous chess from the Regence de Paris café that marked a time in the 19th century, competed with the English Staunton model. A beautiful modernist style chess with stylized figures and natural weight. Carved by hand with ebony woods and natural boxwood with characteristic glass eyes on the horses and very rare to find. A chess collection and museum preserved in perfect condition.
Measures: King 81mm
Includes vintage wooden box

Spanish Chess 1492. 24k gold



Commemorative Chess of the Union of Spain in 1492 with the conquest of Granada. All historical Christian and Muslim figures made in detail in metal and with the base of Gold and Silver. Made in limited series by Artists Crafts of Toledo. Includes a heavy Noble Wood board with two drawers to incorporate the pieces with their respective molds to adjust each one. The board is marquetry made to measure for this series of 32 chess pieces of collectors of the year 1992.
Measures: 75mm king approx.
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Vietnamese Regent Chess Bone Buffalo.


Vietnamese chess set made in the mid-twentieth century. Made in Vietnam. Made in buffalo horn (black parts) and bone (white parts). This is a small game of chess, the king is 70mm tall. The wooden folding table is not included in the sale and only for exhibition. However, they come in an old wooden box that comes with the chess pieces.
The set is complete, the chess pieces are in very good condition and is a very old set, typical of museums and collectors, surely one of the initials for having the king’s horses smaller than those of the lady.
These pieces were made in Vietnam during the French colonial era, which is why its design is a bit similar to the famous Regence French Style. These chess games are quite rare to find and sometimes go unnoticed by their appearance but they are one of the jewels of vintage chess for their craftsmanship and their own style.
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