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In your hands you will have a true jewel made by our master craftsmen. Made with the best woods in the world, each hand-carved piece represents one by one the pieces created at the time for this prestigious game. All woods have the CITE certification for protection of the natural environment and protected species approved in 2017.
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“Howard Staunton was born as the natural son of Frederick Howard, fifth earl of Carliste. He had a miserable and low-literate childhood, but he was intelligent and ambitious. He was very fond of theater, especially Shakespeare, he said, he acted in a famous company of the time playing Lorenzo in the play “The Merchant of Venice” Encyclopedia Britannica.

This original Staunton model of 1849 recreates the pieces used in the First International Chess Tournament held in London in 1851 where Englishman Howard Staunton unofficial world champion since 1843 lost against the great master Adolf Anderssen. This match is considered by many the first official world championship of chess attracted 16 players of different nationalities and created great commotion on the international scene. Although the winner was Anderssen, Staunton became part of the history of chess because it inspired and helped design N. Cook of the house Jaques one of the most repeated design patterns to date, the Staunton design, which today in day it is present in most tables around the world and is a design acclaimed for its versatility and functionality by experts and craftsmen.
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It has 3 different models: Antique Wood Rosewood, genuine Ebony AND Red rosewood (all models combined with natural Box) The pieces have triple weighting in the base for a better balance in the development of the game and all have protective felt with a golden VintageChess stamp.

As a promotional gift, each model includes an aged wooden box deluxe exclusive to each historical item, plus each set will include a quality label of the company with information on each product


King Size: 4,5″ (110mm) Base Size: 1,55″ (45mm)


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